Power, Precision, and the Learning Experience...

Cross country clinic day. Say that 5 times fast. Equally as difficult is actually riding the course itself. Fortunately for me I didn't have to ride in the 100 degree weather, but I did get to photograph.

Clinics are one of my favorite things to photograph because I not only get multiple attempts at taking rad photos, but I get to learn from the ground just by listening and reviewing the images I have taken. Even though my focus is primarily through the lens, I'm constantly listening to what the instructors are saying, in case one day I need that very instruction in my own riding practice.

Saturday's clinic was particularly interesting. 3 different groups, and 3 different skill sets. There was a lot "GO FORWARD!" being said, as well as "WHY AREN'T YOU STEERING?!". While it might seem like common sense, I can tell you from experience that it indeed is not. Even the most intelligent person can sometimes turn into a sack of potatoes when riding a cross country course. But hey, that's why we clinic. We pay people to yell at us because we know that every snarky remark or judgement will make us that much better of a rider. If we can learn to just make one fence approach more organized, or realize when to use more leg instead of pulling back, then it was worth it.